A show coming soon that we highly recommend

Our very good friends in Aghada Centre Theatre Group are performing a comedy play at the end of January and we’re all looking forward to attending it.
The play is called “Nobody’s Talking To Me” and is written by Tommy Marrem. The play is set in 1968 in rural Ireland.
It is the eve of the 40th wedding anniversary of Maggie and Mattie Conway who haven’t spoken a single word to each other in 10 years. Disaster strikes when the local parish priest Father O’Toole decides to surprise them by renewing their marriage vows.
All hell breaks loose as a rollercoaster ride follows.
Midleton Men’s Shed has been working with Aghada Centre Theatre Group for the last 4 – 5 years and assisted with making the set for this show.
The show will run from for three nights at 8pm from Thursday January 26th to Saturday January 28th. There will also be a matinée at 4pm on Sunday January 29th.

Tickets are available to buy online by clicking here